About Us

Telocyte™ focuses on the
development of telomerase
therapy to treat Alzheimer's

Our vision

Our vision is not to help anyone "live with Alzheimer's", but to ensure that all of us can live without Alzheimer's. Our vision is to cure Alzheimer's, plain and simple. We intend to save the lives, the minds, and the presence of those who have Alzheimer's now and to prevent anyone from getting Alzheimer's in future.

This is Iris, the mother of our CEO and catalyst for the founding of Telocyte™. We would like to acknowledge the wonderful care and support for Iris provided by the staff and friends at The Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson, Temple Balsall, in the UK.

Farewell Iris, you always led by example, facing adversity with good humour and a resolve to overcome. As a dedicated nurse, she helped many during her life, her simple request to us was that we should find a future beyond Alzheimer's for others.

That is our intention.

Our company

Telocyte™ focuses on curing Alzheimer's disease. Telocyte™ plans to run human trials to reverse Alzheimer's pathology at the cellular level. Currently, there are no effective medical or pharmaceutical interventions for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

We think we now understand how Alzheimer's works. Our model is supported by animal studies and is consistent with current human clinical data. Our clinical studies will include standard cognitive testing, imaging, and biomarker evaluations typically utilized in clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease.


Our mission

Our mission is to cure Alzheimer's, plain and simple.

The Telocyte Mission:

The use of innovative advanced regenerative cell and gene therapies to reset the cell senescence that underlies and defines the "aging process". Cell senescence instigates a cascade of pathology that causes age- related disease, as our telomeres shorten and modulate the changing pattern of gene expression – the epigenetic signalling information – in aging cells. This is the fundamental problem of aging and age-related disease. To be effective, our national healthcare systems need to support the ability to maintain normal cell function as we age, both preventing age-related disease and lowering healthcare costs

Our first clinical target is Alzheimer's disease.


Our commitment

We are committed to a cure, not to finding a symptomatic treatment, nor to finding a way to merely delay Alzheimer's by a few weeks or months. We are committed to reversing the disease process and to giving patients a return of lost function. We are committed to finding out just how much we can offer our patients.

Our commitment is founded on experience, knowledge, and hope.

Hard work is not sufficient. The ability to cure a disease requires not merely hard work and resources. Clinical success requires that we first understand the fundamental disease process. We are committed to understanding in order to save lives.

We are committed to making lives better and to returning lives that were lost.


Our people

Michael Fossel MD, PhD

Board Member

The leader in proposing the use of telomerase to treat age-related human disease.

Peter Rayson

Chairman of the Board

An experienced industry executive, Rayson provides leadership and business acumen for Telocyte.

Mark Hodges

Board Member

An experienced technology executive, Hodges provides effective and inspiring leadership for all Telocyte programs and services.

Georgi Gospodinov, PhD


Georgi Gospodinov is a executive, advisor, and investor, offering thought leadership and innovative ideas.

Radomir Julina, PhD


Radomir Julina is Managing General Partner at Pharma Capital Partners and leads the Fund’s overall business activities.


Our Scientific Advisory Board

Mimoun Azzouz
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Joseph Araujo
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Suzanne Hendrix
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Kurt Whittemore
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Our Clinical Advisory Board

Mario Masellis
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Lon Schneider
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Steven Arnold
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Russell Swerdlow
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