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  • EMBO
  • Published in the pre-eminent scientific journal EMBO, this article demonstrated the efficacy of telomerase therapy in treating aging in animals, without any evidence of side effects.

  • JAMA
  • Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), this was the first medical article to discuss the potential use of telomerase therapy in treating human disease.

  • FAQ’s
  • Frequently asked questions about aging, age-related disease, telomeres, telomerase, and the potential for developing a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

  • IdeaCity
  • In 2014, Dr. Fossel gave this short (17-minute) talk at IdeaCity, giving a clear and concise presentation of the rationale for and the history of telomerase therapy, as well as the plans for human trials.

  • Nature
  • This article in Nature showed that telomerase activation could not only increase health and longevity, but resulted in regrowth of lost CNS volume, suggesting the potential for human CNS disease.

  • Newsletter Q4 2016
  • This article is about how to prevent and cure Alzheimer’s disease by resetting glial cell function and reversing the damage in neurons and the cognitive decline.

  • Newsletter Q1 2017
  • The following newsletter describes the tasks at Telocyte, the cause of Alzheimer’s and includes a comment from Peter Rayson, Founder and CEO of Telocyte.

  • Newsletter Q2 2017
  • This article is about the investment funding, the FDA discussion and animal study as well as the participants in Telocyte.

  • Newsletter Q3 2017
  • In the following article the current progress, Telocyte patient registry and the perspective of Alzheimer’s is being discussed.